Snowmen in a Windstorm


I subbed for a colleague and she left a sample of this lesson for me to create with her students. I didn’t see any directions until the end of the day after the kids left so this is how I did the project with the students.

To begin, I had the students draw the snowman’s head in the lower corner of the paper leaving a space for the carrot nose.


They added eyes and a mouth and the little stripes on the carrot. We talked about what it looks like to have the wind blow and I showed them examples of art pieces that show that type of thing.

IMG_5310    IMG_5311

I demonstrated each of the steps by drawing it on the white board. We looked at the example and discussed the shapes we saw in the hat, the nose, the scarf, etc. I always tell my students to look for shapes you know. I broke it down so they could more easily see what lines and shapes made up each component of the snowman. Curved lines that look like a “c”, angled lines that form a skinny sideways “v”, straight lines, etc.



They put a band on the hat and added a scarf to the snow man. I also told them they could add images in the background. If they did them in white, it would be kind of like magic. Students always love the way those white images “magically” appear when watercolor paint is applied.


I think they came out quite cute. I like the personalities that each snow man has.



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