Year of the Sheep or Baa Baa Black sheep


35685970   35685943

For this lesson, I wanted to do something where the students could use the bottle cap printing that we all enjoy.

Sheep seemed like a perfect link to the celebration of Chinese New Year because this year’s animal is a sheep. It also ties in nicely to the nursery rhymes that our TK and preschool students learn.


For this lesson, students first stamped a round shape onto their paper and filled it in with more stamping. We called it a puffy cloud.


They cut the corners off a square for the head, turning it so the top was flat.. They used the cut off triangles for the ears.

IMG_5293  IMG_5295

They added legs using thin rectangles-I had chopped up larger rectangles with the paper cutter. Students were encouraged to cut them into thinner and/or shorter lengths.


The eyes are scraps from the office hole punch. We have one that is larger than a standard size. The students added dots to the center before gluing them to the heads.


This one below is one of my favorites because the child asked to add a mouth. I love when they ask me for things I either don’t think of or I think oh that is too many steps for our 30 minute time slot.

This was their solution:


For the  TK group, we did black sheep and they added details with oil pastel.

35730526 35730563 35730583

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