Night Tree


35541073     nighttree

Students in preschool and TK made these trees based on the book by Night Tree Eve Bunting.

night tree

In the story, a family packs up their truck with various supplies and heads into the woods at night. Once they arrive in the woods, they decorate a tree with fruit, popcorn, nuts and seeds for the animals. We have a lot of fun reading the story and talking about the animals.

cut tree

Students are given a green triangle which they cut with pattern (or regular scissors). The scissors leave a patterned edge when used. Some were an art room donation, others I have had since my kids were young. The students love using them.

They place the trees in order. I tell them it’s like putting together a puzzle. They glue the tree parts onto white paper leaving a little space to represent a popcorn garland.

tree with fruit


They then add oranges and apples. I use the die cut machine to make the fruit. This year, I included stars because last year, they asked for them and it was easier to use the die cut machine than try to cut a bunch of tiny stars from yellow paper.

For the older students, they often draw animals and add color with oil pastel.

35546926  35546969

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