Splat Monsters


photo 1   photo 3

The Kindergarten students have been learning about color and mixing paint so we did these splat monsters. I have seen similar lessons done many different ways over the years. This is our version. It also helped use up some of the foamies that were donated to the art room. It made a very tiny dent. I still have a huge plastic bin of foamies.

photo 2

Students were given scraps of paper, a black oil pastel, scissors and glue. they were instructed to make their monster parts-eyes, horns, noses, mouths, etc. and place them in their bin. Those are the black trays that are seen in the photos. They are Lean Cuisine trays that I wash and reuse.

photo 1 (3)photo 3 (2)

I walked around the room with paint in a squeeze bottle. They could choose warm colors or cool colors for their monster. On this day, every class came with a helper so one of us had the warm colors and the other had cool colors.

photo 4


As soon as they had paint on their paper, they stopped making monster parts and folded and squished the painted paper until the paint was evenly distributed or it looked the way they wanted it to.

photo 5photo 2 (2)

They then glued the parts onto their monsters. Super fun and pretty easy 30 minutes lesson.

photo 1 (2)photo 2 (3)


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