How I make the Gelatin Printing Plates


GELMAT-1 - Copy

I presented a workshop at the MEGA Conference for VAPA teachers on October 9 and neglected to bring any handouts and forgot to put the recipe I use on my slide presentation. So, for anyone who would like it, here it is.

This is not my recipe. I got this one from the frugal crafter.

Gelatin Plate Recipe

1.5 cups glycerin-I use food grade so I know it is safe around kids-I got mine from Amazon

GELMAT-2 - Copy GELMAT-3 - Copy

Mix in 6 Tablespoons of gelatin or 7 packets (those come in the gelatin boxes you get at the supermarket)

Mix it thoroughly. Other posts I have read stated that they had problems with gooey and gloppy messes. I never have.

While stirring, add 1.5 cups boiling water



Pour into a pan. I used a 9×13 glass baking dish. Allow to set. I find that it only takes a couple of hours.



Be sure to skim off the bubbles with a paper towel or napkin to make it smooth.



Te remove from the pan, run a butter knife around the edge of the pan. the plate should lift out fairly easily. Just be gentle to avoid tearing it.

I have several plates that are a year old or more and well used by students.

I noticed that one of them was pretty nicked and had a large tear. Before the conference, I just cut it into small pieces with kitchen scissors and placed it in the glass baking dish. I put it in the microwave and microwaved it for a minute or two until the gelatin re-melted. I let it set and it was good to go.

To clean the plates , simply wipe off or a quick rinse with cool water can also work.

Just note that cooking plain glycerin does not smell very good. If you have ever made homemade marshmallows, you know that smell. Once set, there is no odor. It is just the mixing with water that brings out the smell.

Here are some images from the Mega Conference. I think they enjoyed it even if I did talk too fast, did not bring handouts and forgot the recipe.

CIMG4954  CIMG4959CIMG4958

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