Mixed Media Owls



Grade 1 studies owls in the fall. The classroom teachers do a large unit on owls which culminates in an owl visitor coming to our school through a wildlife rescue organization.


For this lesson, students chose their owl (body) paper-I had two shades of brown and white pre-cut into rectangles for them. They then drew an owl shape-basically an oval or an oval with a squashy “U” if they wanted the eared variety. They cut it out, glued it onto black paper and added a branch.


They decorated the owl however they decided it should be. It could be realistic or imaginary. Once their owls were complete, they added wings cut from painted paper. I did most of the wing attachment as most do not have enough dexterity yet to push the brads through the paper and bend then back without difficulty.

32872769 32872797

If behavior is any indicator, I think that this lesson was a hit. We had many owls “flying” in the art room today as they made their way to the drying rack.


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