Loony Line Birds



The kindergarten classes learned about lines and shapes for this lesson. We talk about how a line is just a dot that takes a walk.

photo 4   photo 1

Students were given basic directions on how to draw a bird. I allow a lot of freedom so if they had an idea for a bird, they were free to draw it their way.


The beak could be straight on or off to the side, the bird could be tall, short, wide or thin. I allow them to make many choices as we create art. It keeps them engaged and allows them ownership over the art project.


We then talked about lines. I demonstrated how to draw the different types of lines and they could put the lines wherever they wanted to. Loopy lines, curved lines; straight lines, thick lines, thin lines, angles or zigzag lines.


Then they added shapes-squares, circles, triangles and rectangles. Once they finished the drawing, they painted with our donated glitter paint.


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