Secret Squares with Patterns and Lines



I have the pleasure of teaching two amazing K/1 combo classes. Many of the students have looped with their teacher. Some of them were at our school for preschool and I worked with them last year. I knew they could follow directions and that they would love to jump right into painting.

I liked the idea of masking tape resist and we tried it last year but it was an awful mess with paper ripping and gloppy color mixing. I wanted something that had a bit of that peel and reveal magic, so this is what we did.


For this lesson, the students were given a white paper with a sticky note stuck onto it. They were instructed to write their names on the white paper and move the sticky note anywhere they wanted to. 32517381

I gave them all the same directions-usually I write them down so I remember but today I did not. It is kind of like Simon Says. I saw the activity in a Monart book  about 10 years ago.

Here is what I told them today. Draw a triangle; any size, anywhere on your paper. Draw a rectangle-any size anywhere on your paper. Draw three circles anywhere on you paper. They may be different sizes, they may be next to each other, it is your choice-you just must have three. Draw two straight lines-they must go off the page but can go any direction. Draw a loopy line that starts on one of your circles and goes off the page. Draw a zigzag line on your paper (forgot that with one class).

Once they finished drawing, they painted however they chose to. When dry, we removed the sticky note revealing a “secret” square.  Pretty fun how they are all so different.


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