Lulie Wallace Inspired Landscapes


32485723  32488495

I am not sure when I first stumbled upon Lulie Wallace’s art but her work is bright and cheery and has lots of patterns and lines.  I thought it would be a good first project for 3rd grade.

photo 1 (2) photo 1 photo 4

I have 4 third grade classes that come to see me. Because this lesson was new for them and for me, I found I needed to change and adjust it after each group to get a more finished result.

32488592 (1)   32488496

I asked them to focus on pattern and line. We used tempera paint and oil pastel.

32488492  32488433

They always enjoy the magic of a crayon or oil pastel resist and today was no different. Several students used white pastel in the sky so they could have patterns pop through from underneath the paint.

What I learned for this lesson was that  it was easiest for them to go straight to paint and use small brushes. Drawing in pencil first seemed to limit them-I did that with the first class but abandoned it when they spent so much time on the drawing that they ran out of painting time. What worked best was to draw a horizon line in oil pastel then create sections below that to fill in with paint patterns.

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