Art Walk Little Italy



What does an Art Teacher do on her day off? Go see art of course.

This weekend was Art Walk in Little Italy. Such a great yearly event. This year marked the 30th year that the streets are closed to traffic and food, music, art and activities were spread throughout our downtown’s Little Italy. The bonus is that if you have kids, there is Kids Walk a little enclosed park with make and take items from various groups in the county and the Sophie Isadora Circus always has a performance or two.

A friend and I love to go to these events. Our weekend had been filled with must-do’s so we got to Little Italy late afternoon on the last day. It was just enough time to zip up and down the streets, snack on a bag of kettle corn, see the art, made a mandala, grab a taco at TacoRey and head home.


So many fantastic artists and so many things to do. I have seen several of the artists before at other art events: Angela Dallas (no website). Ray Street ArtistsSpanish Village Artists, Nancy Tokas, Betsy Shaw, etc.  Always a treat to see artists and their work and see what new things they are creating. There were hundreds of artists to see and many of them were donating a portion of their profits to Art Reach a group that brings art into schools that otherwise would not have art.

Today, I met a new to me artist-Iris Scott who FINGERPAINTS with OIL!!! So cool. We got to watch her finish up a fish painting. I talked to her and told her I was an art teacher. She directed me to her video. Really an amazing style of painting.

It was such an inspiring afternoon, Makes me a little sad that we only have a few art classes left this year.

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