Aboriginal Art



I went to Australia in 1996. It was a fantastic trip that took me from the Northern city of Darwin all the way to Sydney. I climbed Uluru, listened to Didgeridoos, tried Alligator, Witchetty grubs and goana. I met some amazing people and loved the Aboriginal Art that I saw.  For this lesson, I brought in a few things that had Aboriginal style art on them including a boomerang from Ross River.


For this lesson, students looked at art and symbols from the Aboriginal people. We talked about how it was filled with dots and that the colors have meaning and are of the earth-red, brown, white, black, yellow.


Because Aboriginal paintings were originally painted on tree bark or cave walls, students used paper bags for this project. I cut the paper bags into small sizes no bigger than 5×7 so we could finish the project in our 45 minute slot.

My favorite piece is this one because this student took a “mistake” and made it work for her. She had spilled some red paint on the corner. I asked how she might turn into something that would work for her. She was not very encouraged until I told her it reminded me of Uluru (Ayer’s Rock). We looked at images of Uluru and here is how she turned a spill into something lovely.




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