Tissue Paper Collage



Laurie Kmen is a favorite of mine. I love the texture and the colors she chooses for her art.

She often has her studio open during First Friday Liberty Station. When I saw her earlier this month, she was doing a community art piece. I learned that she used to be an art teacher.

A few weeks ago, a family donated a large box of colored tissue paper. I wanted  a lesson to use it with. Students always love to see their donations at work in the art room and this donation was not exception. The students began by looking at Laurie’s work. We discussed the work (texture, layers, mixed media, etc.) . Then they began working.


They could create an abstract piece or a landscape. I showed them how to spread glue with a paint brush. Students also learned that layering creates different colors and textures and that different result is seen when you tear the paper rather than cut the paper. The biggest struggle was not wrinkling the paper when they spread the glue.


I think they came out rather nice. I love that they are all different and unique.

30534140 30534226 30534264 30534069

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