Kindergarten Barns and Farms


30534341   30534366

Kindergarten will soon begin a unit on animals. To tie into that unit, we did a guided drawing of a barn in oil pastel. They could add a silo if they wanted to. They could put doors or windows or both on the barn. They could paint it however they wanted to.

30534621 30534668

They filled in their picture with farm animals, tractors, scarecrows, plants and anything else they thought should be on their farm. Once they completed the drawings, they painted them with tempera paint.


I was so happy to see this student scratch into the paint (sgrafitto). He told me he remembered doing it when we made the leaves for the hydrangea prints. I LOVE when students take something they learned from one lesson and adapt it to another!

When I was walking around the room, one student was covering her drawing ( the one below). She did not like it. I asked why? She said the horse looked weird. She had made the horse head round. I pointed out that horses have elongated heads and pointy ears, so she adjusted her picture. She was concerned that people would still see where she had made the round head. I reminded her that horses have manes and she could simply paint over it if she chose to. A great example of my philosophy that there are “no mistakes in art “!


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