NAEA Spark Convention 2014



This was a favorite poster at the NAEA Convention. It was from the Art of Education booth.

I have only been to one local art teacher’s convention so NAEA Spark 2014  was a first for me. At this convention, there were so many sessions to choose from that it was overwhelming. I went to several that had lots of good information. I enjoyed meeting other teachers and trying out the new products from the different vendors.

I met a wonderful teacher who did a session on Augmented Reality. She uses an app called Aurasma which I can’t wait to try. She brought samples of student work and was so nice. She even offered to meet with me but I was not able to stay for Monday’s events.

I learned that California  Arts Educators have an event coming up in the fall in Irvine.


Faber Castell had a make and take mask with a photo booth. I used a product called a Gelato. It is an amazing pigment stick. They are so smooth and the colors are really bright.


Copic had  samples there and told us that their markers are refillable! I have a small set that I use for my personal art but they would not be a budget friendly item for elementary art.


Dick Blick had a gigantic display with a feather project and a glow in the dark paint project. Both were nice projects.


The pens were really fun.


They also had lots of art lesson samples.


Michael’s had a super fun community canvas painting project using their acrylic paint pens.  The completed paintings were pretty.


Hiep Nguyen and his circle painting session was good. I have admired his work for several years. His course would be a good one to add to an art teacher’s toolkit:  “Art for All, All for Art”

The last session I attended was about turning STEM into STEAM. It was great and had lots of good information on how to bring technology into the art classroom.

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