Exhibitor Goodies at NAEA 2014


I spent the first few hours of the convention looking at the giant book of stuff to do then sat in a meeting that was not applicable to my area of art. I ended up leaving that meeting and walked over to the exhibitor booths which were fantastic. I spent nearly 2 hours there learning about all the amazing art making tools out there.

Jack Richeson & Co. had loads of goodies! They did a demo of their Clear Carve plates which are genius. They had Play Color Sticks to use and tempera paint and acrylic paint from Tri-Art. I loved their clear plexi print plates and the paint they demo-ed mixes really nicely whether you use the acrylic or the tempera.

Smart-Fab had samples of their fabric-you could choose a roll or a pack-I chose a pack since it had a variety of color and I wasn’t sure what I would use it for.

Prang had a nice little give away packet with a dozen or so items-markers, pencils and color sticks. I did complain about them using nearly impossible to remove stickers on the oval 8’s watercolor pans for their UPC code. It makes it very challenging to send in the Prang Power Points.  she said they had complained to the manufacturer but had no real solutions-said they take them mangled and would even accept the lid which if you re-fill as I do is not a solution.

Chroma had samples of mural paint. When asked what makes them “mural paint” the response was that they are colorfast and designed for outdoors use. I imagine it it like latex acrylic house paint but with mix-ability and awesome colors.

General Pencil Company gave away little soft vinyl erasers. They have a nice selection of artist’s pencils and the bonus is (in my opinion) is that they are made in the USA!  Something I learned is that they make a brush cleaner that I have been using for years.


The Folding Art Horse was genius-if only I taught high school.

I was excited to see Tombow there. I used their products in college especially the dual brush pen.

School Specialty had a cute little make and take cardboard house pin that you decorated with washi tape. A lady from the company came up behind me and told the guy next to me “she’s doing it wrong, I’ll show you the “right way” later.” I had drawn the lines to indicate where I was supposed to score the house to fold it up. There was no problem drawing the lines, they ended up being inside the box and then the box was covered in tape Oh how I detest people who tell art makers that they are  “doing it wrong”.

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