Landscape with poppies


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Landscape painting is one of my quick “anyone can have success” kind of projects.

My Kinders only have a 30 minute art slot and I have no way to store 100+ paintings from week to week  so it is essential that we finish a project  and be successful. When they walk into the classroom, all supplies are on the desks ready to gopaint brushes, paper, water cup, sponge and black oil pastel for their name. I get the paint plates ready before they come in and have a table with all the paint on it that they pick up after we talk about our plan for art.

30100010         30099891

I spend about 5 minutes talking about art history, a specific artist or having them look at a photograph or a piece of art and then we jump right in. In this case, we talked about impressionist artists then did a bit more step-by-step method to get the background in.

First, students looked at the work of landscape painters: Monet, Van Gogh, Bruce, Breck, Merse, Vonnoh -primarily Impressionist and all with red poppies in them.

Once they observed the work, we talked about what they noticed (color, size of the flowers, people in the picture, tress, etc.) we also talked about the horizon line and how to create texture.

First students painted the sky with a large flat brush.

photo 2

They cleaned the brush then used green and bounced the brush to create a textured,grassy field.

photo 3

I showed them how they could add clouds to the sky with the small round brush, if they wanted to.

photo 4 (2)

Then they added the red poppies or white or yellow if they chose to. They could add centers to the flowers or not-again their choice.

photo (64)

They added additional details as time allowed and if they chose to-trees, roads, etc.

I even tried this same lesson with our 3 year old preschoolers. The 3 year olds did such a fantastic job that we did it again with the rest of preschool .Here is the preschool  work table and one of their completed landscapes.

photo (63)  30099194 (1)

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