Kumihimo Weaving Disks



This is a pretty simple weaving lesson using a disk weaver. There are loads of versions of this out there. The first time I did this kind of weaving was when the San Diego Weaving Guild gave weaving disks away at their booth at the Fair. It has been a favorite of my students for years.

Once kids get this, look out! Belts, book marks, bracelets and tote bag handles will be everywhere. I use pieces of corrugated cardboard or fun foam to make the looms for this project.


Cut an octagon shape out of a card board or fun foam square. (3 inch square works well)

Place a slit on each flat side of the octagon about 1/4 inch. Put a hole in the middle of the octagon-a sharp pencil is great for making the center hole. To find the center, fold the octagon in half and make a line then fold it the other way and make another line-you should have an “X”.

You need seven pieces of yarn or floss. Length will depend on how long you want your finished piece to be. About 18 inches is a good start for a bracelet.  Once you have cut 7 strands of floss, tie a knot in one end. Push the knot through the hole in the octagon. Place one thread into each slot. You will have one empty slot.

To weave; count three strings from the empty hole. You will pull that string and place it into the empty slot. Rotate the disk and repeat-count to the third string, pull it and put it in the empty spot-repeat. You have to make sure you comb the loose strands of floss or yarn as you go or it will tangle.

Once you have come to the end of the yarn, you can pull the strands out of the slots and tie a knot.

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