Crazy Climbers


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The after school art class is the place for doing fun things that we would not have time for in a regular art class. It also allows my former students from the upper grades to come back and do fun art projects.

This lesson came from seeing a friend’s box art projects. She gets a box each month for her children and in the box is everything needed to complete the art or science lesson. For this project, her kids had made a jelly fish with ribbons on the bottom. For my students, they created whatever image they wanted to.

photo (56)

Students used cereal box cardboard, straws cut in half, yarn, packing tape and art room donations for this project. First, they drew an image of their choice and cut it out. They decorated the images with collage, beads, buttons, glue, marker, just about anything they could find.

photo (55)photo (54)

Once they finished decorating, they taped 2 straws on the back with packing tape. We then fed a piece of yarn through the straws leaving it looped at the top. To prevent the string from going back through the straws, students used beads or buttons as stoppers.

photo (60)

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