Collaborative Creatures



Not sure where or when I first saw this lesson but it always has interesting results. It is a twist on Exquisite Corpse-a visual collage game made famous during the Surrealist period.

I have done the creatures with several different grade levels. First I discuss animals and what features they have-snout, trunk, types of ears, tails, wings, feathers, scales, beaks, tongues, teeth, claws, etc., etc.

We also talk about being creative and making sure that whatever they draw that it is something they would be happy to see on their own paper.


Students start by drawing a creature body part on their paper. They then pass the paper to another student for that student to draw another part. I usually pick them up from one table and give them to another table then start the passing process.

At each trade, another student adds a part to the creature. I typically have them pass the papers 6-8 times. When the paper returns to the owner, the owner adds finishing touches and creates a habitat for their creature. I usually use marker and watercolor. Students often write about the creature’s habitat and what it eats.

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