Winter Olympic Athletes



Kindergarten students drew self portraits of themselves as Olympic athletes. I showed them two ways to create more realistic figures: the sausage and egg method and fatten up your stick figures.

The sausages and eggs idea came from Art Attack by Neil Buchanan about ten years ago.



His idea is that the body is 3 eggs-head is one egg, the body is two eggs. The limbs are each 2 sausages. I drew this on the board as I talked about it. I also drew a stick figure for the students and show them that just by adding another line to the legs and arms, and adding clothes, they look more realistic. We also talked about how to draw hands. This age group usually draws a circle with lines for fingers if they draw hands at all. 

29232205 IMG_2005

We looked at pictures of Winter Olympic Athletes and students chose which winter sport they might do if given the opportunity.  Students used oil pastel for these images.

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