Articulated Puppets


drwho puppet

While many might call these jointed paper dolls, try convincing an 8 year old boy that the art lesson of the day is to make paper dolls. Not an easy sell-hence the puppet name.

I have done this project with grades 2-5 and the older students typically come up with many ways to create moving parts.

For this lesson, I use card stock. It can also be done with cereal box cardboard that has been painted white or with gesso.

Students start out by drawing a sketch of their character on some sort of scratch paper-newsprint or goos (good on one side) paper is perfect. I show students examples of pantin sheets so they can better understand how to transfer their character idea into puppet parts.

Once they draw all the pieces, color them and cut them out, they attach the parts with brads. I like students to do things on their own so I set up a station of card board and thumbtacks. I show students how to safely punch holes in their card stock with the thumb tacks so the brads attach easier.  They then can go back to their desks to add the brads.

puppet puppet2

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