King and Queen of Hearts



Students learned about the history of the playing card and looked at historic examples of playing cards. We talked about what they noticed in the cards-pattern, line, symmetry and shape. They drew an image of themselves as a king or queen of hearts-a perfect lesson to celebrate Valentine’s Day. A similar project can be seen in the Arts Attack program for grade 5.

28819850   28810959

The challenging part was explaining how to create a symmetrical, upside down copy of the art.  Students first folded their paper in half and drew a king or a queen. To draw the other half, they folded the paper over their finished image and then lifted the paper enough to see the first drawing-then they were able to see where to draw the next lines.


Once they finished their drawings, they painted with tempera paint. I love how very different they all are. Each child interpreting pattern, line, harmony and balance in their own ways.


This student came in late and was only able to complete half which was totally fine with me. Look at all that detail!



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