Martin Luther King, jr.



I have a couple of favorite second grade teachers who often request me as their substitute. I am always happy to be in their classrooms as they  have fantastic classroom management and the lesson plans with supplies are on the desk ready to go with everything I could need-a dream sub job to be sure.

My favorite thing about subbing for them is that when they have an open slot in the schedule,  they let me do what I love: teach art!

This lesson was the result of seeing “guided drawing MLK” on the schedule. One of my least favorite guided drawing lessons. For some reason, the image the kids use as reference is not very flattering of MLK and the completed drawings never turn out very well.


I am pretty sure that the first time I saw this lesson was at the Teaching with Style blog.

I have found the most success doing this positive negative space lesson is to either make a template for the kids to trace or to print the image on white construction paper and have them cut it out.

It is also may be good to do this as step-by-step lesson particularly with the younger ones. A lot of little artists struggle with the idea of taking half the picture and gluing it one side with the other half being glued on the opposite side.

To cut out the eye and the eyebrow, you have to fold the paper at that spot so that is something else it is best to show kids how to do.


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