Egypt Art Lesson



I absolutely love printmaking. So any excuse to get out the brayers and ink is a good day for me. This lesson came from a request of a 6th grade team who wanted something for their Egypt Unit. I found a great “Draw like an Egyptian” lesson from the Boise Art Museum:

The students have often done cartouches with their name in hieroglyphics. We just combined the Egyptian drawings with the print making.

First, the students drew their hieroglyphic name on newsprint. They traced over it with black marker so it would show through the other side.

photo 1

Once they had that done, they turned the paper over and traced the hieroglyphics onto a styrofoam printing plate. I set up a printing station at the back of the classroom and students took turns printing their cartouche with gold ink onto black paper.

photo 2

Once finished with the cartouche plates, the students began their drawing. We talked about the cube system used by tomb artists so that each drawing was the same. We looked at examples of tomb art so they could see the way in which the gods, people and pharaohs were depicted.  We also talked about the colors that were used and that all things had meaning-even color.

photo 3

When they finished their drawings, they cut them out and glued them onto the cartouche pages.


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