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Wayne Thiebaud Images


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Thiebaud is always a fun artist to study with his images of dessert.


For this lesson, students drew into presto-foam to create their dessert image. They used black ink and once dry, cut them out and placed them on a background of their choice.  I love the different colors and images they used for the backgrounds. The flag is a favorite. The student told me it was called “The United States of Dessert”.




Miner 49er Postcards


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As part of the Social Studies curriculum, Fourth Graders in learn about our state history and that includes a bit about the miners. For this lesson, I show the students a PowerPoint about the history of mining in California.

I also have them look at antique postcards to get ideas for our miner postcards (I tell them postcards were not in use until the late 1800’s) . I also bring in some tin types and daguerreotypes which allows them to see a bit of history.

The students choose an image to create their postcard. Once complete, they write out a postcard as if they are a miner sending a note back home. I mount them side by side on paper.


Art in the Style of Angela Dallas


warrior 2

To come up with new ideas for lessons, I like to attend art shows and different events in our area.  This idea for this art lesson came from seeing the work of Angela Dallas, a mixed media artist who uses African fabrics in her artwork.

The students used chalk pastel  to create a simple background. Once that was complete, they used fabric strips for the clothing. They arranged the fabric strips in groups. When they were satisfied with their grouping, they glued the strips onto the paper. They then added the body parts: heads, legs, arms. They added necklaces, carrying baskets and swords as they chose.

The interesting part of this lesson was that the classroom teacher had done a writing exercise that morning based on a National Geographic magazine photo of an African Elephant. I love when those coincidences happen.