La Boca Houses


la boca house

I saw a lesson on the strathmore page about la boca houses of Argentina and was intrigued. That lesson can be found here:

Because the K/1 class only has 30 minutes for art, I pre-cut and pre-painted the cardboard. Years ago, a family donated large rolls of corrugated cardboard to the art room. I used that cardboard for this project. I also used scrap paper and donated card stock for students to glue their houses onto. 

Students looked at pictures of La Boca houses in Buenos Aires and we talked about how colorful they were and how each house had several levels of color and several stories. 

Students were given the colorful cardboard, scraps of paper saved from other projects, taught how to cut out doors and windows and set free to create their houses. they used white glue to glue the cardboard to the paper.

la boca hosue

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